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Center of sustainable materials and technologies
Topinfra Gwanghwamun Branch Project

2023 March

Through an eco-friendly system and an innovative management

Headquartered in Gwangju, Jeolla-do, Top Infrastructure is an innovative company that improves its unique technology and construction capabilities in solar, architecture, civil engineering, and electricity fields, and Eastern Edition will join the Seoul branch of Top Infrastructure.The sustainable brand aesthetics of the top infrastructure and Eastern Edition, which contain eco-friendly systems and corporate values that put customers first, meet in one space and introduce the beauty of the space that visually unravels the values of the two brands.

2023.03 SFC Center 11F 136, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Eastern Edition furniture collections at Top Infrastructure's Gwanghwamun branch showcase a design collection that contains essential beauty and sincerity based on motifs given by Korean natural objects. Excluding unnecessary decorations, the furniture collections express the beauty of the natural materials of the furniture create a deep modern space and complete it with a cozy feel.

The Eastern Edition collections are a unique and sustainable blend of material technologies, suggesting beauty through a balance between nature and humans.

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