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A space of deep relaxation filled with the awe of nature

2023 March

A serious experience of Korean traditional architecture

The Taeoyang Studio conducted spatial design and consulting of Manrijihwa, which aims to convey the experience of Korean gourmet in a new and in-depth way.In the space of Manriji painting, which adds the beauty of space through narrow and wide, bright and dark contrast, various artworks are placed along with the contrast of materials, adding a special sensibility that modernity and the past stay at the same time.Manrijihwa, which contains the seriousness conveyed by the experience of Korean traditional architecture, aims to create a Korean space that wanted to become one with nature by proposing a space for the complete delivery of aesthetic consciousness and relaxation with the surrounding landscape and nature.

2023.03 D Tower, 17, Jong-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KR +82-2-2251-8522

MANLIJIWHA's space suggests a crafty expression of a Korean space where you can meet nature in a busy city center. A space inspired by the form of a pavilion, the principles of Cha Gyeong, which can be found in hanok, and the wisdom of past ancestors It shows an architectural device reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

The combination of traditional earthenware and modern materials adds contemporary sensibility to Eastern Edition's bronze mirrors and stone-shaped artwork that evokes nature. Through contemporary spatial design, I hope you can get some rest and comfort that you have never felt anywhere else in the space of Manrijihwa, which is easier and more casual to approach "maintenance."

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