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A contemporary lifestyle chapter
Seoul Gallery Shilla

2023 April

A pivotal space in art, Gallery Silla

The Eastern Edition was joined by the gallery Shilla Seoul Samcheong-dong, which was expanded two years after the opening of the Seoul exhibition hall.Gallery Shilla, which has promoted the value of a specialized gallery specializing in modern art and has been exhibiting works focusing on conceptual art, minimal art, and monochromatic paintings, plays a pivotal role for the authenticity of art.The harmony between Gallery Shilla, which advocates contemporary art and contributes to the development of modern art through exchanges with world-class artists, and Eastern Edition, which pursues the essential beauty of the East beyond Korea, conveys the beauty of traditional art.

2023.04 111, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KR


The Eastern Edition Collection for Gallery Shilla Seoul Exhibition Hall creates a calm and cozy space, providing the best place to meet the works of influential artists.

The Eastern Edition collection, available in the viewing room on the second floor, creates a calm and luxurious atmosphere that harmonizes with modern design and neat interior space. Experience modern and sophisticated art through Gallery Shilla and Eastern Edition collections located in Samcheong-dong, the city of history.

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